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I sat down to create a bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish within the next two years. Creating my list was a breeze until I hit 10, then suddenly I had to consider every moment where I thought of new things to try and do, but quickly convinced myself I never would or could.

I’m introducing the old me to the new me who says I can and I will.

I didn’t get the idea to begin this list until I came across a profile on Twitter titled, “Things To Do In 2015” with a username of @BreakUpList. I did a bit of research (more like, profile stalking) and learned of the woman behind this fantastic idea.

After a failed long-term relationship, Ali Burns created a list of things she had meant to do but never got around to doing. Her list now has over 300 things she’d like to accomplish and the simplistic complexity of what she wants to get done made me chuckle in awe. Ali has traveled to Thailand, been apart of a flash mob, featured on Huffington Post, but has yet to ask someone out or for someone’s phone number, just two of the simple things lingering on her list. I am grateful that she took the time to publicize her journey and because of it, it has inspired me to shape my own.

So without further ado, I present to you, my very own, Things To Do List 2015-2016.

Some listings are lifetime goals, but I will try my hardest to get through most of this within the next two years.

100+ Things I Want To Do 2015-2016

1. Buy a book
2. Teach Pre-school
3. Try caviar
4. Go to the movies
5. Go camping
6. Stay overnight in a cabin
7. Run a 5k
8. Go on a cruise
9. Road trip to California
10. Go to a hot yoga class
11. Jump off a cliff into the ocean
12. Go to a cooking class
13. Stand under a waterfall
14. Meet a monk named Aang
15. Go to a pottery class
16. Take salsa lessons
17. Go to a wine tasting
18. See a play
19. Visit Europe
20. Buy a lunchbox
21. Watch glass being blown
22. Swim with dolphins
23. Attend a book signing
24. Publish my own book
25. Go to Coachella
26. Visit New Zealand
27. Launch my own magazine
28. Attend a tea party
29. Sleep on the grass
30. Watch the sun rise
31. Buy running shoes
32. Plan an event
33. Go to a comedy concert
34. Kiss a stranger
35. Sleep in an airport
36. Ride a train
37. Ride a bus
38. Inspire someone
39. Run a half marathon
40. Meet a Food Network Celebrity
41. Buy food containers
42. Hold a spider
43. Join a book club
44. Roll down a very large hill
45. Join a debate
46. Learn a new language
47. Travel to Egypt
48. Lose 65lbs
49. Change my hair style and color
50. Sign up for karate class
51. Have a spa day
52. Spend all day watching a Netflix series
53. Record a song and place it online
54. Heal
55. Let go of my ex and move on
56. Sky dive
57. Parasail
58. Blow water through my nose
59. Visit China
60. Remove my braces
61. Take a picture with a Tiger
62. Get a tattoo
63. Spend time in a sauna
64. Go swimming
65. Bake a birthday cake from scratch
66. Volunteer
67. Name a star after someone I love
68. Have my mother walk me down the isle of my wedding
69. Buy lunch for a stranger
70. Take Benny to a pet friendly café
71. Ask someone out for tea
72. Buy new jeans
73. Jump on a trampoline
74. Sign with a book publisher
75. Wear a red dress
76. Grow my own vegetables
77. Recycle plastic
78. Make a homemade pizza
79. See Cirque du Soleil
80. Be a nude model for an art class
81. Buy groceries for a stranger
82. Have a pen pal
83. Play miniature golf
84. See a live music performance
85. Get on stage and perform my poetry
86. Have a food fight
87. Go fishing
88. Go horseback riding
89. Travel to the Bahamas
90. Buy a bathing suit
91. Live in another state
92. Write in cursive
93. Stay the night in a tree house
94. Visit Hogwarts
95. Meet Stephen King
96. Stomp grapes with my feet
97. Cook dinner for my friends
98. Start a collection
99. Eat a really big bowl of cereal with an equally large ladle
100. Drink a raw egg
101. Accept a dare
102. Chew an entire pack of gum at once
103. Create a bonfire on a beach
104. Visit Cameroon, Africa
105. Sleep on a beach
106. Pay off my student loan
107. Go hiking
108. Wear a flower in my hair to work
109. Publish an article in a local newspaper
110. Make my own fruit jam
111. Walk for a cause
112. Learn something new
113. Meet a Gypsy
114. Be a Gypsy
115. Roll around in paint
116. Get a Brazilian wax
117. Be a featured author on Elephant Journal
118. Skinny dip in a lake
119. Drink water from a coconut
120. Pluck a coconut from a tree
121. Be hypnotized
122. Fall in love
123. Jet ski
124. Buy a home
125. Wear red lipstick for an entire week
126. Eat a bizarre food
127. Sleep on a mountain
128. Go bike riding
129. Strengthen my spirituality
130. Learn how to play the piano
131. Ride a roller-coaster
132. Participate in a food eating challenge
133. Play in the rain
134. Buy flowers
135. Have dinner outside by candle light
136. Climb a tree
137. Take a birthday trip
138. Cliff jump
139. Go to a jungle
140. Kayak
141. Go snorkeling

If you have any suggestions for things I could add to my list, comment below! I will be updating this list whenever I feel it needs updating.


2 responses to “Adventure Awaits”

  1. i love this list because it combines easily attainable goals like eating a raw egg with more difficult ones, like meeting celebrities or visiting far away lands! It’s amazing because even doing simple things, means living and every time you cross one out you feel the excitement of getting closer and closer to crossing them all out!

    • Michelle says:

      “Even doing simple things means living” I love that. That is what it’s all about. I know that I can become side tracked and feel as though I’m not living unless I’m doing some grand thing, but that’s not the case. Living can be done on any scale, large or small, it’s all about being present in that moment! Thank you for commenting, Ms. Soul (I swear I searched up & down for your name but didn’t find it haha) You’ve been so sweet with your words to me today and again, I thank you!

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