Center of the Lake


She stared at the computer screen. If time were flying, she hadn’t noticed. The minutes crept with tired ankles and the hours sluggishly ticked away.

With her jaw propped snugly upon the palm of her hand, she remembered the time where she floated fearlessly above the lake. She remembered how full of fear she was before she was comfortably positioned to watch the birds flock in their playground.

As her feet would glide on the lakes floor, her toes desperately clutched the soggy earth beneath them as the water inched higher and higher. She was frightened. What lied beneath? Were there monsters lurking in the overgrown weeds? Would their gills flare at the thought of tasting her? Did she see movement in the corner of her eyes?

Yet, nothing seemed to stop her from moving toward the deep.

She took a big breath. She felt the soothing weight of the lake crush her fears.

Seconds later, she was greeting the sun with a bright smile upon her face.

It was then that she remembered, she had always been fearless even through the fear.

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Kanisha Michelle

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