Love. Lonely. Ligaments.

Seeking with more than her heart, her body seeks too.
Not of pleasure, but of warming rescue.
Her back aches.
She has no body to support her sleeping temple at night.
She has no shadow in the creeping moonlight.
Her heart aches.
She has nobody to listen.
She has no news to share.
Glimpses of him are fading, but she’s haunted by the distinct smell of his hair.
Shaking hands with strangers, an intimate act gone unaware.
There is no spark in her palm, no feelings of care.
She’s lonely, but any ole body won’t do.
She’s lonely, so she continues to remember how sweet it felt loving you.

2 responses to “Love. Lonely. Ligaments.”

  1. cea says:

    The worst addictions are the addictions to people!
    I love it… ❤

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