She gripped his hand a bit tighter as they picked up their pace. Time was slowly creeping over the horizon. But, she wasn’t concerned with time. Her fingers molded perfectly between his and she couldn’t help but stare at his knuckles. The complexion of his skin fascinated her. It was deep and rich like the skin of a ripe cherry; her skin paled in comparison. The wrinkles on his knuckles became a story her eyes indulged in. She followed each crease with slow intent, making sure to remember every detail with hopes of knowing when the story would climax and when it would end. Trapped in a memorizing tale of love, she continued by his side blindly.

Abruptly, he stopped and seconds later, she too. She asked what was going on as he gazed on towards the horizon. Silent, he remained in his stance. She asked again. This time, he pulled his hand away and turned to look at her. The glaze of his eyes alarmed her, and with fears of his response, she quickly hushed the portion of her mind that said trouble was coming. He began to mumble. Impatiently, she demanded that he speak up. With hesitation, he explained how he wanted her to wait in this spot while he crossed the path alone. Unsure of his request, she asked why. With a mouth full of sweet words, he explained that he needed to make sure the path was safe before continuing to travel it together. She agreed. He smiled. She grinned. He carried on forward without her and she watched as he slowly took each step before him.

Suddenly, his request made her question his reasoning. The path was clear from what she could see. Whose safety was in question?

The sky was blanketed with hues of purple and pink clouds as the darkness began tucking in the sun. She finally realized that time was present.

She moved her focus back to him. He had made it across the path and he stood there, motionless. She called to him. She wanted to know if things were suitable for her in order to cross. Once again, she noticed the glazed look he gave her once before.

She called for him once more and her voice cracked with desperation. She wanted him to answer, but she knew his voice would never be heard again. He turned away from her and hurried ahead. For the seconds that followed, her heart sunk down to her rotting knees. Time was merely a concept as she watched his abandonment in slow motion. Filled with a heating rage, she began to run after him, but she didn’t seem to make it as far as she had hoped.

Under the sun, the earth which had once graced the soles of her feet was cool dry dirt. Yet, under the moon, her feet disappeared in the quick sand that was dragging her under.

She screamed for him. He was becoming a blur to her poor vision, but she knew he was still there. She screamed louder, but she knew he would never save her.

She was his climax. She was the ending.



4 responses to “Swallow”

  1. JaseyJade says:

    Saw it right in front of me.
    Jade x

  2. Victoria says:

    Absolutely loved this! It gripped me so much in a haunting way.

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Victoria :)). I can honestly say this is one of my most emotional pieces to date. It means a lot to me when someone can experience the energy I’ve invested through my writing.

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