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I lost my virginity at the age of twenty. After three years of what seems like failed sexual exploration, embracing my sexuality and sensuality is a concept I am just now discovering and I am discovering it alone.

Virgins are valued more than women who have had their share of practice within the realm of sex. At least, society wants us to believe just that. A woman has been taught to see the majority of her worth in how many partners she partakes in sexual adventures with. If a woman has had no sexual partners she is deemed worthy and pure. Women who have exited societal sexual roles are deemed unworthy, used goods, sluts and whores. As women, we have been conditioned to see ourselves and the women around us through a lens we had no say in creating. We either take pride in our purity while shunning the promiscuous woman or the promiscuous woman ridicules the virgin for her false pride. As a society, we have all bought the punch and drank it till the last drop. I sipped my punch with my pinky in the air.


Goddess of the Sun

With palms wide open, he positioned her hips towards him.
He stood there with eyes amazed and said pain was in her beauty and beauty was in her pain.
Sweet breaths escaped the sticky gloss of her red lip stain.

With skies clear as rural nights, he took her hands into his as they slowly began to dance beneath the intensifying moonlight.

He pulled her in to his steaming coffee skin and spoke directly to the depths of her soul.

“You see so many bright hearts and wonder where you fit in. Plagued with failure, your thoughts on future outcomes seem grim.

Your eyes seek with wonder of why no one remains near, but have you considered that the burning passion of your soul makes others stir clear?

You are Goddess of the Sun.

Others will always find pain in your beauty, but it is you who has to see the beauty of your pain.

Until then, your glow will remain dim and always the same.”

Kanisha Michelle

planting seeds of light in a dark world one word at a time.

let us ascend.

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