Seesaw Effect

As a child, a playground was my holy ground. Scorching lava raged beneath the monkey bars and going head first down a slide was my preferred way of evacuating my spaceship during engine failure. Spring rockers, whether a horse or frog, became my noble steed as I ventured across the desert to capture violent criminals. My adventures would lead me to restless rivers and the only way across was to log roll within the rushing water. Yet, nothing was quite as memorable as the seesaw.


Child of the Autumn Equinox

My tattered train is coming full circle on the tracks of life. Undoubtedly, I’ve been here before and like the leaves of a tired willow in the fall, I am losing my luster.

What warrants change? Is change completely external? As seasons shift, we are aware of the transformation by seeing a plethora of colorful flowers within meadows or how the crisp cold bites through a fleece sweater. Is change only change when it can be proven by sight, sound, touch and even taste or can we warrant change by internal factors alone?

Life, as Earth, is forever in rotation. I have shed my skin a number of times within my twenty four years, but often I feel rooted in unfavorable behavioral traits and habits. Yet, I know I’m changing. At least, I have changed, have I not? If I were to tell you I once disliked my reflection, but no longer question what I see in the mirror, would a minor mental shift be considered change or would I have to constantly voice my newfound appreciation for myself in order to constitute change, because then, you could hear it? Therefore, I have external proof of my shed skin.

What scale do we use to determine how much change is needed? Do we uproot the bad, then discontinue the process of elimination, because what is left over is suitable?

How do we decide change is needed at all, whether it external or internal? Are we capable of being stagnant beings on shifting ground?

If a tree can do it, then so should we. Right?

Kanisha Michelle

planting seeds of light in a dark world one word at a time.

let us ascend.

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