Discover New Blogs: Liebster Award

In good fun and favor, I have decided to partake in a Blogger Award, since being nominated by the lovely Stephanie, over at MissWednesdaysGirl. Her blog is as intricate as a beautifully woven quilt. I promise, you will adore her and her site faster than you can blink.

I have a number of fellow writers I have come across since beginning my blogging journey in April and I feel as though this is a wonderful opportunity for me to introduce you to an array of amazing people and writers who I feel have been a bit of an inspiration for me along the way.

How the Liebster Award Works:
After you’re nominated, create a post over on your blog about the award.
1.  Thank your nominator (with a link back over to their blog).
2.  Answer the 10 questions they created for you.
3. Create 10 new questions and post them for 10 new bloggers you want to nominate.
4. The nominees should all be bloggers with less than 200 followers.
*I have cheated a bit on this, since a number of my nominees have more than 200 followers,
but nonetheless, you should still discover their craft.

Stephanie’s Questions:

What is your secret talent?

I can wiggle my ears!

Name 3 skills you have learned through blogging.

Persistence. Better organization. Better time management.

How has blogging impacted your life?

Blogging consecutively these past few months has given me a means to cultivate my writing voice, while allowing me to fall in love with it as well.

What was the first thing that made you laugh today?

A morning text message.

Shopping for home-ware or shopping for your favorite foods?

Can I do both at the same time? Maybe shop for a quick snack while I look for curtains? No? Oh well. Going to go with food.

Favorite season to style?

Fall! So many layers, so many warm and rich colors to pair with boots and jeans.

The Zombie apocalypse is in full swing and you’ve decided to blog, as a way to connect with other survivors and update the world (wi-fi has survived lol). What is in your on the move blogger kit?

Definitely a shitload of pens, because I easily misplace those, a notepad, some snack bars, a DSLR, water bottles, and my laptop. I’m hoping I’d have a MacBook Air by then, because I’m not trying to be weighed down lol. Oh, I can’t forget, coconut oil. I feel it would come in handy. Don’t ask me how, but I’m positive it will.

Name a perfume/spray that is the scent of your life or linked to a special memory.

The smell of honeysuckles. I use to suck the honey from them on a daily during kindergarten, because our playground was lined with honeysuckle bushes.

Name one hidden gem in your city/ area everyone should visit.

The Gypsy Coffee House!

Name a place that inspires you to blog.

In bed, under darkness, with only a candle flickering in the distance.

My Nominations Are:

Walks In Beauty

Annie’s Gallery

Impermanent Words

Where She Begins


Jasey Jade

Misha Khan

The Ugly Girls Club

Melody Damsel

As Told By Troi

My Questions:

What sparks your creativity?

When you’re lacking motivation to write, how do you push through?

Name three favorite foods we all should have in our pantries or fridges.

When did you know writing was a passion?

What fall must-haves would you suggest?

Where have you traveled recently?

What’s your spirit animal and how so?

What about you does your blog not represent?

Name four of your favorite book characters.

If you were able to sit down with a reader of your blog, how would you think the conversation would go? Use dialogue!

Thank you, Stephanie. I appreciate you recognizing my blog by such a simple gesture. Here’s to discovering more bloggers!

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