Pilot Jones

The cloudy haze made it hard for her to see him as they sat in his truck and sparked one. She was venturing into uncharted territory and the thrill excited her. He knew how to make the clouds lower and it was a trip she didn’t want to miss.

He was all too simple. She was all too intricate for him. Stitched with a million different seams, she was a beautiful complexity, but what would either of them see as they stared at one another? Who was he, she wondered?

Staying sober never lasted long when they were alone and the sexual tension between them made it hard to deny what her body wanted and what her heart wanted to stay out of. She was intrigued, but much of her curiosity went untouched. She knew he wanted to explore the depths of her sexuality and not the deep end of her mind. She was okay with the words he wasn’t saying, but she yearned for more than sweet kisses and a good fuck. She wanted to share dreams, fears, aspirations, nightmares, and memories, but sober wasn’t his thing.

She told him all she wanted was for him to see her, but the cloudy haze made it hard for her to see him. So she held back her passion and much like using a small cage to trap a large beast, she wouldn’t be able to hold back for long.


Red Velvet

He tried to savor her, but she made it hard with how slowly her tongue danced on the crease of his neck.

She sunk her teeth into his tender skin and he sunk himself deeper into her moist treat.
Seeing her smeared lipstick at the corner of her full lips seemed to ignite the blue flames burning at his core.

He was transported into a rich, red, bliss.

She was always sweeter at night and she sealed the night with a kiss.


Rhythm & Blues

At 2 a.m. you could find her dancing in the kitchen with bare feet. Her body was loose. In-sync with the melodies of the beat, she became carefree. With her eyes shut, space was infinite and so was her love.

She was open and she wanted him to turn the knob of her heart and walk in.

She wanted to be his home.

She wanted the booming tunes to lift him and take him into the highs of her mind and into the highs of his own.

But she danced alone.

She dances alone.

Kanisha Michelle

planting seeds of light in a dark world one word at a time.

let us ascend.

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