Philophobia: His True Religion


The night gave birth to a full moon and for her, it meant the infatuation she carried for him was heightened. They spent an hour sharing each others bodies and the sinking sensation of satisfaction washed over them as they climaxed together, but she wasn’t done sharing. Not quite yet.

She motioned for him to sit down beside her. He hesitated. She insisted. As he took a seat, she slid up against him, wrapping her thigh around his waist and he soon felt the heat escaping her fingertips as her hand brushed against the side of his cheek. She cupped his jaw into the palm of her hand as she closed her eyes and began to gently kiss the crease of his neck. Her plump lips slowly traveled up the side of his face, leaving a trail of honey coated kisses he would later shower away. She reached his sweet spot. As her tongue lightly licked the lobe of his ear, twirling in flirty motions of XO, he began to melt into the intimacy of her. He could feel her intense energy rising and he wanted to meet her at her peak. She was of light and grace and for a brief moment, she placed him into a trance.

She was a dream he knew existed, but one he had never dreamed of.

Despite knowing she was greater than reality itself, he was woken out of his reverie by his daunting fears.
And as quickly as he folded into her, he quickly unfolded his shirt and removed his heart from his sleeve.
He moved away from her cunningly and proceeded to tuck his heart back into the pocket of his True Religion jeans.

2 responses to “Philophobia: His True Religion”

  1. JaseyJade says:

    I’ve said this a million times but your writing is just.. I can’t even think of the right words.. so deep that it draws me completely into it. this whole scene, I can see it right before my eyes! love, you truly have a gift!

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